Morgul Blades is a tribe that shows and gives respect - helping each other in and out of battle.  A positive attitude and willingness to change are signs of our members.  We’re a family, so you won’t find a list of hoops to jump through or required playtimes.  We’re here to enjoy the game and the company of others.

That being said, we value maturity and encouraging others to succeed.  We often try to think of new ways to make the game enjoyable for both sides while increasing our own abilities.  To give an outline of what we give and expect, we've listed our standards below which includes topics such as recruitment and guidelines.

If you are looking for a new home or are currently part of Morgul Blades, here are basic expectations we hold.

Traits of those in MB:
- Positive, active, willingness to change and energetic
- Encouraging, friendly, approachable and helpful
- Active in game and in vent/website, supportive, listening and being a team player

Traits, in addition, for MB officers:
- Leading, delegating, creating/coordinating events and seeking out new talent

In addition to the above, here are some specific rules:

1. Drama - whether in game or out.  As a member you have a direct impact on the tribe.  Be respectful that your voice is our voice.  We act in a mature manner, protecting each other and standing for what is right.  We don't create or continue drama.  This includes but is not limited to any in game chat channel, vent or website whether MB or game forums.
2. Maturity and respect of others.
3. Having all or nearly all maps, willingness to have a build discussion to support the tribe.
4. No rank farming, corpse jumping, spying, dual boxing on both sides or going against any Turbine rules.
5. Have fun.  It's a game that we all enjoy and it's often the company we keep that makes the game special.  Be mindful that having fun at the expense of another is not acceptable.

Here's what happens if a rule is broken:

If a rule is broken, it's brought to officership.  If you see something isn't right, please bring your concern to any officer along with any evidence that you have.  Officers are not able to discuss with you case specifics, just like if you file a complaint through the game Turbine does not advise of the outcome.

While minor instances carry a warning, doing the following is grounds for immediate removal from the tribe:
- Rank farming
- Spying/dual boxing both sides

The list isn't all inclusive, but meant to show that we take the guidelines seriously and will protect our members.  Alright, onward to recruiting!

Recruiting - whether part of or looking to join the tribe. 

As mentioned, we are a family and it's important that the tribe is a good fit for everyone.  To that end, here is the process we go through and what you can do to increase your chances.

1. Group with us, get to know our members and officers.  See that the tribe is a good fit for you.  Join us in vent.  If it's a good fit and you meet the traits/agree to the guidelines, fill out the website application.
2. Fill out a website application completely.  You must accept the tribe guidelines and agree to follow them, otherwise the application will be rejected.
3. The application is reviewed by the officers and a decision is made through the website application.  If you are accepted look for an officer to reach out to you; if the application is rejected a reason will be provided.  Reviewing applications vary, but please allow at least one week.

So, you've become a recruit, what's the next step to becoming a member?  First, let's talk about what recruit status means.
- As the tribes newest player, you will remain a recruit for at least 30 days.  You should continue to get to know the tribe and verify it's a good fit.
- Be active, specifically getting your audacity up to max level along with your maps.  Show a willingness to follow the above traits, being a team player and helping others.
- If a recruit is gone for more than 30 days without notice, you will be removed from the tribe.

To become a member, you must meet all of the recruit guidelines above plus:
- Have max audacity on your main character.
- Have all, or nearly all maps.  You can still be working on the following maps: Good Isen, Good Grim.  All other maps must be in your possession.
- Attended at least one class meeting/workshop for your main character.
- Willingness, when needed, to form a group and/or target call.
- Current members are grandfathered in.
- If a member is gone for 30 days without notice, they will be moved to recruit status.  The recruit time then starts giving up to 60 days before tribe removal.

This gives a clear indication of where everyone is and a baseline to help raid leaders understand their group capabilities.  One of our greatest strengths is working together, and part of that is map movement.

To become an officer, you must meet all member guidelines above plus:
- Been an active member of the tribe for at least 90 days.
- Have all maps and max audacity.
- Must be frequently active in game and on the site/vent.
- Strong willingness to lead a group/target call and delegate opportunities.
- Have held at least one event, which can include partnering with an officer.
- Mentor others, find the next wave of talent in recruits, members and officers.
- If an officer is gone for more than 14 days without notice, you will be moved to member status where the 30 day clock begins.

We hold very high expectations, and it's our hope this gives everyone an idea who we are and what you can expect.  You can expect to be part of a group that works together to accomplish a goal.  We have fun doing it.  It all starts coming out and joining us, so if you see us in game let us know and we'll also get you in vent.